Compact Course

This short course combines English language classes with academic subject classes. This course is for students with an advanced level of English; IELTS 6.0 is recommended.

The course is made up of the following:

Advanced English Language Skills

  • 10 hours per week
  • Includes: exploration of contemporary issues through the medium of English
  • Internal and external assessment (CAE, CPE, or IELTS)

Academic Subjects

  • 3 hours per week (depending on number of students enrolled)
Academic Subjects
Psychology and the Cinema
Tribes: Identity, Diversity and the notion of tolerance
Business, Management and Entrepreneurship

Dates and prices

Age: 18+
Dates: Sunday 6 May - Saturday 16 June 2018
Level: IELTS 6.0 recommended
Advanced English Language Skills: 10 hours per week
Includes exploration of contemporary issues through the medium of English plus
Internal and external assessment (CAE, CPE, or IELTS)
Academic Subjects: 3 hours per week (depending on number of students enrolled)
Price: Tuition fees - 6 weeks - £3,144

Accommodation options:

Twin Standard £1374
Twin Superior £1668
Single Standard £1770
Single Superior £2172
Homestay - Single Standard £1374
Homestay - Single Superior £1812

Adult students at St Clares Oxford

Psychology and the Cinema (Anna Scarnà)
This course will use the medium of film to present basic psychological theories involving personality, abnormal and social psychology. Students will watch one film per session prior to a class discussion. The main protagonists of each film will be considered in the context of existing personality or diagnostic questionnaires. The history, experimental work and main debates surrounding each film and theory will be covered. Examples of films include Rain Man (for autistic spectrum disorder), As Good As It Gets (obsessive-compulsive disorder), Little Miss Sunshine (coping strategies, extraversion, stress, depression) Super Size Me (attitudes and beliefs, research methods). The course will develop students’ analytical skills and will introduce the concepts of experimental methods, ethics, questionnaire design and diagnostic criteria for psychological disorders.

Tribes: Identity, Diversity and the notion of Tolerance (Anna Castriota)
In the globally connected world in which we live, many issues (political, economic, religious, etc.) divide peoples. Among the issues that divide peoples, identity and diversity are arguably the most difficult to resolve. This course focuses on the concept of “identity” and how it is used to distinguish and unite us all. We will analyse the concept of “identity” through the following themes: National identity and the politics of multiculturalism; whose rights are right; culture, individual/group identities and tolerance in a globally connected world.

Business, Management and Entrepreneurship (Kay Alty)
This course will explore how successful entrepreneurs can create a local business and build a global brand. Students will learn how to develop and pitch a business plan to potential investors and how business strategy is the key to growth. The course is case study based and we will examine a broad range of sectors, markets and brands. Students will be encouraged to think strategically and creatively about business issues, many of which can be solved or improved by the application of universal business solutions.

Group of students at St Clares Oxford

University Foundation Course students from St Clares Oxford

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