Semester Course

The Course combines English Language and academic subjects:
English for Academic Purposes   +  Academic subjects

10 lessons per week
  choose three academic subjects
2 or 3 lessons per week for each subject choice
English for Academic Purposes
Your lessons explore contemporary, cross-course themes through the medium of English and develop high level English Language and study skills:
  • sample themes: Society & Responsibilities; Oxford & University Life; World Customs & Traditions
  • teaching stimuli include printed materials, study visits, on-line resources, television documentaries, DVDs, YouTube, etc.
  • language study focuses on developing advanced level competence in areas such as register, collocation and idiomatic usage and, in particular, academic study skills
  • internal assessment includes formal and informal writing activities, an extended essay based on your own research and an oral presentation
  • external assessment through externally validated  Cambridge Exams (CAE or CPE) or IELTS, as available

University Foundation Course students from St Clares Oxford

Academic subjects
The academic subjects are taught at university level and often together with English native-speakers, usually from the USA. Tuition is provided by subject specialists who bring the benefits of the latest research in their own areas of expertise. Each subject requires background reading and research and is assessed through course work, essays, examinations and / or presentations.
Semester Course: academic subject options
Choose three courses from the following subject areas
Business / Economics Communications English Literature
Mathematics Social Sciences Art History
Philosophy & Religion Studio Art Languages (e.g. Mandarin
Chinese or Russian for Beginners)

2 or 3 lessons per week for each subject option.

One lesson = 55 minutes.

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