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      The IB Diploma is a very well established and highly regarded international qualification and students are choosing to study for the IB rather than traditional British A' levels. St. Clare's has a worldwide reputation as experts in providing the IB Diploma. No other school or college in England has been teaching the IB longer than St. Clare's and there are only 13 other institutions in the world who have taught the IB longer than us.

      St Clare's has the best sixth form results in Oxfordshire for the sixth year in a row. We have also improved our position in the league tables for England and are now ranked 6th of all 4,303 state and independent schools included in the tables.

      Examination results have been excellent again at St. Clare’s. In 2016, 115 students took the Diploma resulting in an average point score of 36 which means that our average student achieved better than three A* and a B at A level. The average worldwide point score for all schools and colleges is 30 points. 100% of our students passed this year; the pass rate worldwide is 80%. 

      If you are interested in more details about our performance results you can compare the results in detail: UK Government Department for Education - Performance Tables

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