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The careers and higher education programme (CHE) at St Clare’s is exceptional in both its scope and provision and was judged outstanding in the recent ISI inspection. The college has a dedicated careers and higher education adviser who is available all year round to support students with their choices for higher education around the world, for careers and for gap years.

We also have a specialist adviser for all US applications.

Explore your work and education options

The programme will develop your career management skills by raising your awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you to explore your options for education and work. You are supported through application processes to make effective university applications and prepare CVs as required.

Prepare for an exciting future

You will build skills and knowledge through a range of workshops, tutorials, lectures, visits and discussions. This will help you to make well-informed decisions about your future and prepare you for decisions that you are likely to face after you leave St Clare’s. Emphasis is placed on helping you to analyse the skills you are developing through your academic studies and through extra curricular activities to maximise your chances and opportunities in life.

Melanie Moorhouse, our experienced and well respected Head of Careers, gives extremely helpful and detailed information on:

  • higher education opportunities in the UK, US and elsewhere
  • careers information
  • careers and courses related to each IB subject
  • gap opportunities from four weeks to a year long
  • continuous advice and updates on her Careers Blog

St Clare’s is a centre for SAT and BMAT exams. TOEFL, UKCAT and LNAT exams may be taken in Oxford.

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