English plus Academic Subjects

• a gap year between school and university

• a challenge for advanced students

• 14-week semester

• six-week compact course

An excellent course for students between school and university

Our English plus Academic Subjects course, exclusively for adult students, is a stimulating alternative to the traditional English language courses offered in a standard English Language School. It consists of two elements:

Advanced English
Language Study
+ Academic subjects
taught at university level

This programme is recommended for:

  • an advanced language student looking for an additional challenge
  • a gap year student waiting to go to university
  • a pre-masters student preparing for further study at university

Whatever your motivation, our experienced language teachers and academic subject specialists work closely together to create a flexible and challenging programme.

English plus Academic Subjects is a 14-week Semester Course starting in September or January.

Academic subjects
The academic subjects are taught at university level and often together with English native-speakers, usually from the USA. Tuition is provided by subject specialists who bring the benefits of the latest research in their own areas of expertise. Each subject requires background reading and research and is assessed through course work, essays, examinations and presentations.

You will be able to choose three courses from the following subject areas:

Business/Economics Communications English Literature
Mathematics Social Sciences Art History
Philosophy & Religion Studio Art Languages (for example Mandarin
Chinese or Russian for Beginners)
Two or three lessons per week for each subject option.

One lesson = 55 minutes.

Progression Options

Students interested in enrolling for a full academic year, and have IELTS 5.5 or upper intermediate, may take the English plus Academic Subjects programme in the autumn semester with the option of joining the Liberal Arts programme in the spring semester.

Have a question about the English plus Academic Subjects course?

We always encourage students and parents to visit the college. Visits can be arrange at any time and we host two Open Mornings per year.

If you are not able to visit, please contact Manuela with any questions or enquiries you may have about St Clare’s or the English plus Academic Subjects course.


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Dates and fees

A full list of term dates and prices for the International College up until the Easter term 2020 can be found here:

International College Term Dates 

International College – Prices 2019-2020

If you have any questions please contact us at ic.enquiries@stclares.ac.uk

Semester Course

The Course combines English Language and academic subjects:

English for Academic Purposes + Academic subjects
10 lessons per week choose three academic subjects
Two or three lessons per week for each subject choice

English for Academic Purposes
Your lessons explore contemporary, cross-course themes through the medium of English and develop high-level English Language and study skills:

  • sample themes: Society & Responsibilities; Oxford & University Life; World Customs & Traditions
  • teaching stimuli include printed materials, study visits, on-line resources, television documentaries, DVDs and YouTube.
  • language study focuses on developing advanced level competence in areas such as register, collocation and idiomatic usage and, in particular, academic study skills
  • internal assessment includes formal and informal writing activities, an extended essay based on your own research and an oral presentation
  • external assessment through externally validated Cambridge Exams (CAE or CPE) or IELTS, as available
Academic Subjects

You will study three subjects, each for two or three lessons per week. When submitting your application, you should select six subjects, numbered in order of preference 1-6; we make every effort to give students their first three choices when possible. Select subjects to suit your interests and future needs. In addition, private tuition in Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian and other languages can be arranged for students at all levels for a supplementary fee.

Subject area Course
Art History
  • Art in England Survey 1066-1600
  • Oxford Art and Architecture
  • International Business in the News
English Literature
  • Oxford and Fantasy Literature
  • European Crime Writing
  • Chinese (Beginners)
  • Russian (Beginners)
  • College Algebra
Philosophy and Religion
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Comparative Religion
  • Ethics
Social Sciences
  • Introduction to British History
  • Introduction to Politics
  • International Relations
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
Studio Art
  • Fundamentals of Drawing
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Film Studies
Sample timetable
Lesson 1 Language development Video ‘The true costs of cheap food’ English teacher
Lesson 2 Discussion and debate
Lunch Meet with friends in the college dining room
Lesson 3 Academic subject choice: Introduction to Politics Subject teacher
Self-study Consolidation activities
Activities Join in the programme of activities or excursions
Entry requirements

If you would like to enrol on the English plus Academic Subjects course you must:

  • be 17 years of age or over
  • have a knowledge of English at or above the following:
    • IELTS score 5.5 or equivalent
      (Equivalent = B2 Common European Framework)
Optional Extras

Personal Language Training
Students can add one-to-one English language lessons to their language classes. Lessons last 55 minutes and are charged at £57 per lesson.

Examination fees
Fees for the following examinations are currently between approximately
£150 -£210.


Cambridge examinations
B2 First (FCE)
C1 Advanced (CAE)
C2 Proficiency (CPE)

Other examinations

Optional college weekend trips / theatre visits / excursions, etc.
Day excursions at weekends — free to £40
Theatre tickets and transport — £25 to £45
Weekend trip with overnight stay (two nights) — £70 to £300
Additional sports and other activities — £10 to £15 per week

Other costs
Stationery/book purchase (loan of books is included in fees)
General spending money — allow a minimum of £80 per week
Bus travel: single trip from £2.00; 1 week £14.50; 4 week 49.00
St Clare’s sweatshirt £20

Please note: Prices are approximate please contact us at ic.enquiries@stc

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