Student Stories

We’ve asked students what it has been like at St Clare’s and here are some of their stories; learning in class, living with students from around the world

International Baccalaureate Diploma

“Truly international, vibrant, fun, gets the right results, couldn’t do better … if you want to go the IB road” – Good Schools Guide

Yasmina – British

St Clare’s is not like other schools where students are simply spoon-fed information. I realised this in my first week. Teachers expected more from me and all at once I was at the helm of my own education. I won’t deny that this was shocking and strange, but now, two-years on, I couldn’t be more grateful. I have attained greater independence and new-found appreciation for my subjects. St Clare’s has bolstered me for the dynamic world ahead. I now enter it knowing that I can take whatever comes my way.

Kevin – Indonesian

Coming here is such a unique experience and is one that allows anyone to grow and develop themselves for the better! You meet the nicest of friends and the most supportive of teachers and staff that integrate with you in a level found nowhere else. It has definitely prepared me for my next stage in life as I come out a more independent and determined person than before.

Jiangnan — Chinese

Life at St Clare’s is just like the IB: challenging but fascinating. Studying in such a diverse and friendly environment has encouraged me to discuss different ideas, undertake challenges and become a more independent thinker.

University Pathways Stories

Danny’s Story

The reason why I chose St Clare’s is I guess because of the atmosphere, it’s very homey, everyone will get the vibe first then it will feel like home and then everything will be going for you. I love Oxford; I am looking forward to staying here for the next four years studying Politics and Philosophy at Oxford Brookes University.

Ryan – American

The cool thing about St. Clare’s, as opposed to other study abroad programmes, is that I’ve been able to make friends with people that aren’t from my own country. I’ve met people from all over the world: Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, Argentina, Brazil…everywhere!

“This has been a really eye opening experience for me”

Alli’s Story

Alli from Colorado explains what it has been like on the Education Studies Programme at St Clare’s Oxford – will she be a great teacher? Definitely!

Megan – Liberal Arts

I had a nice experience at St Clare’s. It was different from my home university because it was very small in size and international. It challenged me academically and helped broaden my cultural awareness.
Raphael- Belgium

Every student is given individual attention, and the location and size of the college are ideal. Everyone knows each other and this helps create a productive learning environment

“A unique study abroad experience”

Emma’s Story

Emma from Elon University explains that studying at St Clare’s Oxford you get the English culture but you go to school with people from all over the world.

English Language Stories

“The moment I got here I was embraced by the people who were living here as if I’d known them for years. Life is incredible here; it’s exhausting, but it’s fun.”

Summer Courses Stories

“I’m glad that I came here to improve my English! Perfect service, perfect staff, great fun!!”

Malgorzata – Poland

“I learned how to work in groups and more grammar. Also I enjoyed our debates which taught me how to argue and how to give good examples.”

Candela, Argentina

“Candela, Argentina I’ve learnt to be less shy and be more confident in front of a group pf people Nicolina, Sweden I’m really happy that I chose St. Clare’s. I have improved my English a lot here and I have met a lot of new friends from different nationalities. I will definitely come back! Thank you for helping me in my learning.”

Juste, Lithuania

“Our main teacher was amazing and the lessons were really interesting and different from the ones that I have in my school.”

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