St Clare’s and COVID-19

For emergency calls regarding pastoral support or safeguarding please call 07932 724511. For all other enquiries please send an email to reception139@stclares.ac.uk 

October 2020

St Clare’s is open and student and staff welfare remain at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to follow all Public Health England guidelines and regulations to ensure that all our students remain safe and well.

Here is a summary of the precautions we are taking to reduce any risk. Many of these precautions were already in place at St Clare’s before the lockdown, so we are already in a good position to judge the practicalities of the measures. We are pleased to say that no St Clare’s students tested positive for the Covid-19 virus before the lockdown. We will continue to communicate directly with all parents and agents to alert them to any changes.

  • Health monitoring: All staff and students will receive daily health checks, including temperature screening.
  • The entire St Clare’s site will be continually deep cleaned. Surfaces and door handles will be sanitised several times during the day. Toilets for students and staff will be sanitised twice daily and social distancing will be enforced where appropriate.
  • All staff and students must complete health declaration questionnaires before being permitted to enter the college.
  • No visitors will be allowed on site without prior appointment and they will also be expected to complete a travel and health declaration questionnaire.
  • If our international students and staff arriving from outside the UK are required to quarantine for fourteen days, we will ensure that they are able to complete a period of quarantine in college whilst under the direct care of our pastoral staff and medical team.
  • We will require non-resident students, staff and visitors who have travelled abroad not to enter the college site until a period of 14 days has elapsed from their re-entry to the UK.
  • All students and staff will be encouraged to wear face masks in college and around Oxford. St Clare’s will supply face masks for people who do not already have them.
  • PPE and cleansing stations will be installed across the St Clare’s site to actively reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Students will be reminded of social distancing via information campaigns. None of our classes is larger than 15 people and teaching rooms will be arranged to space out students as much as is practicable. Our boarding houses are also small units, ranging from 11 to a maximum of 30 boarders per boarding house.
  • Large group gatherings will not be permitted. Weekly whole year group meetings will be held online rather than in the hall. Dining rotas will limit the number of people permitted to eat at the same time and they will be more widely spaced. Contact with the non-St Clare’s community will be restricted. 
  • UK government and Public Health England guidelines will be followed for all CAS and co-curricular activities. Common sense and dynamic personal risk assessments will also be important in all situations.
  • We have an excellent relationship with the NHS medical practice in Banbury Road and our college nurse is in regular contact with them. The option for students to purchase private medical health insurance for the duration of their stay in the UK is also available.
  • We undertake to provide regular updates from the Senior Management Group to all parents.

Here is a link to our Risk Assessment: https://www.stclares.ac.uk/app/uploads/Coronavirus-Risk-Assessment.pdf

If a student cannot join us until November or January 2021 (due to travel restrictions in the country of origin) protocols will be in place to allow the student to access the taught classes on-line where possible either at the time of delivery or as a video recording. Course materials and assignments will be accessible to all students whether physically present or not.

The Boarding Schools Association (BSA) is working with both the Government and all BSA schools to ensure a safe environment for young people. The UK is by any standards one of the safest places in the world, as well as having an excellent and globally-recognised education system. It is also reassuring to know that the University of Oxford is at the world-wide forefront of research into developing a Covid-19 vaccine, antibody testing and contact tracing, as well as having one of the best teaching hospitals in the world. It is a privilege to live in this great city.

St Clare’s, Oxford Senior Management Group

October Half-Term 2020

We are monitoring the situation regarding Covid-19 worldwide very closely and the impact it will have on the forthcoming half-term holiday of our IB students. At the moment, we expect students from countries that are not on the UK Government Countries and Territories Exemption List to remain in the UK. Students who wish to travel to countries that are on the travel corridors list can spend their half-term holiday there. However, guidelines and restrictions keep constantly changing and it is not possible to predict what UK government directives will be in place at the end of October. We will continue to give further information regarding the half-term holiday.

Visitors to the college 

Visits by prospective students and parents have resumed and are by appointment only. We are able to conduct interviews via Skype if required. We are usually delighted to see former students but for the time being, such visits are suspended until later in the year.  

Here is the advice from Public Health England

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