Booking forms for agents

We offer courses for adults 17+, teenagers age 15-17 and juniors 10-15. Agents need to use specific booking forms for the different courses.

Also available are two booking forms for airport transfers; one for groups of students and one for single students travelling on their own.

Please contact us if you have any questions or have problems completing the forms.

For summer courses: For adult courses:
Patricia Alvarez

Summer Admissions Manager

+44 1865 517340

Dobrila Arezina

Office Manager

+44 1865 517707

Academic year courses for adults

Adult English – age 17+ academic year (from 2 weeks to one year)
English plus Academic Subjects – age 17+ Semester – September to June
University Foundation Course – 28 weeks or 35 weeks – entry September or October

Short Summer courses

Interactive English for Teenagers – 2, 3, 4 weeks – June, July, August
Intensive English for Teenagers –  3 weeks – July, August
English and Activities for Juniors – 3 weeks – July, August
Science in Oxford – 2 weeks – June, July
Art in Oxford – 2 weeks – July
Business in Oxford – 2 weeks – July
Introduction to the IB – 3 weeks – July
English for Life – Adults age 17+ – June, July, August
English plus Academic Subjects – Adults – Compact Course – 4/5 weeks – May to June
Leadership Course – Adults – 2 weeks – July, August

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International Baccalaureate Diploma

Airport Transfers

Groups (use this form to book more than one student on the same flight)
Single students (use this form to book just one student OR students on different flights)
Junior course students at St Clare's Oxford
Students from St Clare's Oxford in front of the steps of the Sheldonian

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