Professional development for language teachers


We have been selected to deliver professional development courses for ELT staff as part of the PRELIM (Partnership Remote Language Improvement) project

We are thrilled to announce that we are involved in a collaborative project to develop the confidence and skills of English Teaching Association (ETA) members in Argentina. Our partners on this innovative teacher training project are APIBA, FAAPI and ACPI

We began the delivery of bespoke language teacher training courses for English Teaching Association (ETA) members in January 2021. The PRELIM project is supported by British Council, IATEFL and English UK. Our teacher training programmes focus on language development and confidence in the classroom. They are interactive to help us understand individual learning needs.

Paola Lopez Cano (ABIPA Argentina) reports ‘One particular asset we fully appreciate is the sensitivity to local teaching contexts as attention to situated teaching and learning is woven into every single exchange.’

We have a background in offering quality teacher training programmes. We have offered IB teacher training courses in cooperation with the IBO since 2002 and have delivered bespoke English language teacher training for many years.

We are experienced in delivering high-quality ELT training programmes within the international environment. St Clare’s is an inclusive community where internationalism is part of everyday life. This project complements our mission to ‘advance international education and understanding’.

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