Pre-IB work-related learning day

Our Pre-IB work-related learning day took place on Wednesday 13 February 2019. The aim was to promote teamwork and give students the opportunity to develop key employability skills.

Our students were asked to design and construct a large sustainable shelter for three extreme weather environments. The workshop explored why shelter was important and problem-solved the sustainable approach in architecture.

In the afternoon, our Pre-IB students were asked to develop a business idea and create a 60-second elevator pitch. They were briefed to consider product development, marketing, events and finance We gave out awards to the teams who presented the most persuasive pitches.

IB Career Launch Day

Our annual Careers Launch Day took place on Monday 18 March 2019. The focus of the day was to help International Baccalaureate students explore their options for higher education and their future careers.

Our careers and higher education event helped to demystify the UK, US, Australia, Netherlands and Canada admissions process, and provided useful tips on how to write a personal statement. The event also included a session on how to plan for a gap year.

We were joined by representatives from the University of Leeds, Arts University Bournemouth, University of Birmingham, Imperial College London, Newcastle University London and East Carolina University (via skype) who provided interesting taster lectures on biomedical science, social sciences, material sciences, engineering, arts, and humanities.

It was a fantastic day, and we even welcomed back five International Baccalaureate alumni who provided thought-provoking stories on their personal career journey since leaving St Clare’s. Yasmina, Caitlin, Robert and Chiara provided invaluable insights on taking a gap year including activities like charity work, teaching in a school and exploring new areas of the world and new cultures. Whilst, Freddie talked about the benefits of apprenticeship schemes and how his experience supported his career progression.

Student World University Fair

In the evening we hosted a Student World University Fair, which was popular amongst students as it provided an opportunity to explore their preferred subject offering and meet university representatives.

St Clare’s careers and higher education support

Our Pre-IB work-related learning day and our IB Launch Day are an annual event at St Clare’s, arranged by our dedicated Careers and Higher Education team, who offer support to Pre-IB/International Baccalaureate students from when they arrive until three years after they graduate. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about our careers and higher education offering.

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