As alumni you are the ones who really know what it is like to have studied at St Clare’s. You have shared many unique and unforgettable experiences and these experiences form the basis of a lifetime bond between the college, alumni, staff and those still studying here.

We are working to make sure that this bond is continuously strengthened. We ask you to keep in touch with news of address changes, contact details, career and other milestones in your life. We often have former students call in for a visit or make an appointment to see us and tour the College. Please do contact us with your news or any questions you may have.

It is our job to ensure that St Clare’s continues to have the capacity to provide its students with such unique and unforgettable experiences. We endeavour to make others aware of St Clare’s vision for the future.

Keep in touch

If you would like to meet with any particular member of staff we suggest you contact us beforehand so we can make sure they are available for your visit.

Exciting news!

We’ve just launched St Clare’s Connect something that we know our former students will be interested in.

In such a short time since its launch we are pleased to see just how many former students have joined. Are your friends there? Have you lost touch with some students from your class who you would love to hear from?

And not only find friends you will also be able to use the trusted St Clare’s environment to expand your professional network.

Just get in touch below – it will be lovely to hear from you.

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Do you remember your time at St Clare's?

Do you have friends for life from your time here? We’d love to hear from you
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