Exceptional IB examination results

We’re delighted to announce an impressive set of results in the May 2017 exams.

We achieved:

  • Four students gained the magic 45 points, a grade achieved by only 0.2% of students around the world
  • An average points score of 36; this compares very favourably to the world average of 30
  • A 97% pass rate; the world pass rate is 79%.
  • 60% of students with 35 points or more (considered equivalent to over 4 grade As at A level).
  • A quarter of our students gained the elite category of 40+ points, putting them in the top 5% in the world.
  • 21 subjects had average scores of one grade or more higher than the world average.
Comparison of St Clare’s 2017 results with previous years
 2011  2012  2013  2014  2015 2016 2017
Students with 40 points or more  24%  22%  31%  25%  26%  24%  25%
Students with 30 points or more  91%  90%  92%  87%  98%  93%  95%
Students with 24 points or more  100%  99%  99%  100%  100%  100%  98%
Mean score  35  36  37  36  37  36  36

The maximum score is 45 points and the pass mark is 24 points

Principal Andy Rattue said:

“Behind the statistics, results of this quality do not happen by accident. They are the result of consistent hard work by the students themselves, supportive families and the professional approach, care and expertise of our superb staff over the last two or three years.

These results are all the more remarkable when you consider that most of our students are not native English speakers and they have been living away from home. I offer them my heartiest congratulations! It is also good to know that they are thoughtful and socially responsible young people with interests beyond the classroom, strong leadership skills and an international perspective which will stand them in very good stead for university and in their future careers. We hope that they will stay in touch with us and remain part of the St Clare’s family”.

These outstanding results have seen 6 of our students accepted into Oxford and Cambridge, one to Harvard, and 4 going on to study Medicine, to name just a few.

Ogheneruteyan – Nigerian American

Engineering at University of Pennsylvania, USA

The IB has given me a new outlook to life and has challenged me in aspects in my education that
were previously foreign to me and the international diversity at St Clare’s has enriched my global awareness. I have been able to develop both my academic and non-academic interest through various activities and my interactions with other students and staff. The lessons I learned have contributed immensely to my growth as a person and have paved the path for my future endeavours.

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