Exceptional IB examination results

St Clare’s is pleased to announce an outstanding set of results in the May 2018 exams. This reflects the outstanding work of students and staff together.

We achieved:

  • Once again an outstandingly high IB score of 36 points against a world average of 30
  • Nearly all our students gained higher than the world average for IB
  • 65% of our students gained 35 points or better, the equivalent of AAA at A Level
  • For the 12th time in 13 years, we have a student gaining 45 points, a result gained by only 0.2% of students around the world
  • 22 of our subjects were at least one full point above the world average
  • In 4 subjects, 100% of students gained a 7
  • In 11 subjects more than half the grades awarded were 7s
  • Physics and Chemistry HL had over 40% of their grades at 7


Mean score


Students with 40 points or more31%25%26%24%25%20%
Students with 30 points or more92%87%98%93%94%93%
Students with 24 points or more99%100%100%100%98%99%

The maximum score is 45 points and the pass mark is 24 points.

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