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IB World School term dates

Pre-IB and IB Diploma term dates 2020-21

Summer Term 2021

Sunday 11 April  Arrivals Day – All Boarders
Monday 12 April  Online teaching resumes
Wednesday 21 April Face-to-face classroom teaching resumes
Friday 28 May IB21 Teaching Ends
Friday 18 June PI21 Teaching Ends
Wednesday 23 June IB22 Teaching Ends

Pre-IB course and IB Diploma term dates 2021-22

Autumn Term 2021

Thursday 2 September  Arrivals Day for all new students on IB and Pre-IB courses
Thursday 2 September – Sunday 5 September IB Diploma and Pre-IB Orientation 
Sunday 5 September Arrivals Day for IB Diploma returners in Year 2
Monday 6 September 09:00 Classes begin
Friday 22 October Teaching finishes at 16:15
Saturday 23 October Departure Day – Students depart by 12:00
Sunday 31 October Arrivals Day – Students return between 10:00 and 20:00
Monday 1 November  09:00 Classes begin 
Friday 17 December Teaching finishes at 16:15
Saturday 18 December  Boarding houses close for the Christmas break

Spring Term 2022

Tuesday 4 January Arrivals Day for existing and new students. Parent/Teacher meetings: 15:30-17:30
Wednesday 5 January 09:00 Classes begin
Friday 18 February Teaching finishes at 16:15
Saturday 19 February Departure Day – Students depart by 12:00
Sunday 27 February Arrivals Day– students return between 10:00 and 20:00
Monday 28 February 09:00 classes begin
Friday 8 April Teaching finishes at 13:10
Saturday 9 April Departure Day – students leave by 12:00

Summer Term 2022

Sunday 24 April Arrivals Day – students return between 10:00 and 20:00
Monday 25 April 09:00 classes begin
Thursday 28 April – Friday 20 May Final IB exams for Year 2 IB Diploma students
Tuesday 24 May Graduation Day for Year 2 IB Diploma students
Wednesday 25 May Departure Day for Year 2 IB Diploma students. Graduating students leave by 12:00
Wednesday 22 June Classes finish at 13:15. Parent teacher meetings 14:00 to 16:00
Thursday 23 June Departure Day– IB1 students leave by 10:00

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