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• Boost your science skills in Oxford

• Improve science terminology in English

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Develop your scientific skills

The Practical science course is specifically designed for students who want to continue to study science after they are 15. You will be able to develop your practical investigative skills and you will improve the level of your English language in the context of a school laboratory for anyone who plans to take science beyond the age of 15.



15-17 years old


from upper intermediate (CEF B2) to very advanced (CEF C2)

Start date:

23 June or 21 July 2019


2 weeks


maximum 12 students


25 lessons Monday to Friday (22.9 hours)

Course Fees:



college residence or homestay

Structure and content:

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Carry out your own investigations while learning science

Students taking this course will:

  • Work in “state of the art” well-equipped laboratories
  • Plan and carry out an investigation in a chosen subject area
  • Meet practising scientists from the University of Oxford
  • Learn some computer coding
  • Take part in multiple science outings to university facilities
  • Produce a poster presentation

Course overview

Laboratory work includes: introducing measurement, heating, and observational techniques. Students learn how to: identify and control variables, record results, draw and evaluate conclusions, measure, and use data logging equipment and microscopes.

Visits to the University of Oxford: Student activities will draw information and gain inspiration from the world-famous Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum as well the History of Science Museum and the University Botanical Gardens.

Guest Speakers: Practising scientists from the University of Oxford present their research and discuss “how to become a scientist”.

Opportunities for specialisation: After the initial introduction to generic practical science skills and language, students are offered a choice of topics for investigation from Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

Poster Exhibition: The course culminates with a poster presentation by the students to an invited audience of their peers. This not only tests the students’ scientific abilities but also allows them to showcase their newly acquired language and communication skills.

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