Not long now before you travel to Oxford!

• Travelling to Oxford

• What to expect

• What to bring

• Important information

We are really pleased that you have chosen to come to St Clare’s. We hope you have a really good time here and enjoy your studies.

This is what you need to do next:

  1. Check your course details and dates are correct
  2.  A week or two before your arrival:
    • We send you a link to upload your photo for your student ID card, submit emergency contact information etc
    • We send you a link to ask for your arrival details. You will also be able to use the form to book an airport transfer
  3. Pay your fees three weeks before the start of the course
  4. If arriving by taxi make sure you ask the driver to take you to the International College at 18 Bardwell Road and not to our Banbury Road campus
  5. Please read all the useful information on these pages. It will help you to prepare for your travel to the UK (visas, dates for travel, airport transfers, public transport, etc.)
  6. Plan what to do before you leave home
  7. Know who to contact with any questions you may have
Course Contact Information

Business Development Officer (ELT)

Kevin McCormick 

Switchboard: +44 (0) 1865 552031

We are looking forward to seeing you

Have a safe journey

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