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Student Stories

We’ve asked students what it has been like at St Clare’s and here are some of their stories; learning in class, living with students from around the world

“A unique study abroad experience”

Emma’s Story

Emma from Elon University explains that studying at St Clare’s Oxford you get the English culture but you go to school with people from all over the world.

“This has been a really eye opening experience for me”

Alli’s Story

Alli from Colorado explains what it has been like on the Education Studies Programme at St Clare’s Oxford – will she be a great teacher? Definitely!

English Language Stories

“The moment I got here I was embraced by the people who were living here as if I’d known them for years. Life is incredible here; it’s exhausting, but it’s fun.”

Summer Courses Stories

“I’m glad that I came here to improve my English! Perfect service, perfect staff, great fun!!”

University Pathways Stories

Danny’s Story

The reason why I chose St Clare’s is because of the atmosphere, it’s very homey. I love Oxford; I am looking forward to staying here for the next four years studying Politics and Philosophy at Oxford Brookes University.


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