Why choose the IB?

by on 31/05/2017

The IB Diploma is a very well established and highly regarded international qualification and students are choosing to study for the IB rather than other qualifications such as traditional British A Levels.

  • With the IB Diploma students are accepted at the best universities and colleges worldwide. The depth and breadth of the Diploma enables students to offer that bit extra, not only at higher education institutes but also within future careers.
  • The structure of the course enables students to study a wide range of subjects, rather than narrowing their choices as they would in the A Level programme.
  • The CAS element of the IB allows students to continue with sports or arts subjects as part of their course. Or they can try something completely new!
  • As an international qualification students can follow university or career options within a global market.
  • Consistently, education research and reports show that the make up of the Diploma develops a well rounded individual with challenging views.

Do universities prefer A Levels or the IB?

Over the last 15 years, the percentage pass rate for A Levels has increased to almost 100%, i.e. it is now very difficult to fail an A Level. A great deal of concern has been expressed about “grade inflation” and there is a widespread perception that the A Level is no longer the “gold standard” of the British education system as it was in the past. In contrast, the percentage pass rate for the IB Diploma has remained constant over the last 20 years at about 78%. This means that the IB is just as challenging now as it was in 1987. This fact is accepted by universities worldwide. The IB is recognised as a first-class qualification which prepares students for study at university.

Head of Careers, Melanie Moorhouse, has an in depth knowledge of what universities are looking for and provides valuable, continuous admissions advice on her blog.

Kevin – Indonesian

Coming here is such a unique experience and is one that allows anyone to grow and develop themselves for the better! You meet the nicest of friends and the most supportive of teachers and staff that integrate with you in a level found nowhere else. It has definitely prepared me for my next stage in life as I come out a more independent and determined person than before.

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