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Summer courses for Teenagers 15-17

• Safe study environment in Oxford

• Supportive and promotes learning

• Interactive academic teaching style

• Entertaining educational activities

Short summer courses for Teenagers in Oxford

We offer English language programmes for teenagers aged between 15 and 17 years old including Interactive English and Intensive English. Our English courses start from elementary level. We also offer the academic course IB Introduction as well as subject-specific courses like Business in Oxford, Art and Digital Design in Oxford, Science in Oxford and Fantasy Literature in Oxford

Quality ranking: We are rated one of the top English Language schools in the UK

Academic support and pastoral care: We provide a supportive environment for you to develop your language in the 4 key skills, and help you to improve your vocabulary, fluency and accuracy

Course content: Our lessons are interesting and stimulate learning through a Theme of the Week

Flexible course structure: You can choose to study for 2, 3 or 4 weeks or longer from mid-June to mid-August

Attractive setting: Our courses are offered in a beautiful location close to the centre of Oxford

Rich academic programme: Our teaching approach enhances your learning experience and includes enjoyable study visits and entertaining excursions to places in the UK, including London

Develop international friendships: Our short summer courses have global appeal, so you can make lots of new friends and create unforgettable memories

Live in Oxford: You can choose to live in college houses or a carefully chosen homestay within the city of Oxford

A member of the English UK specialist group for Young Learners

Choose from the 7 courses below:

What do the fees include?


Lessons and teaching materials



Residential or homestay


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day


Activities programme

Activities, sports, and one excursion per week


Travel insurance

All course fees for teenagers include:

  • residential accommodation in double or triple rooms OR single room in homestay with a local host
  • full board — three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • tuition
  • teaching materials including a student folder
  • certificate of attendance and academic report
  • bed linen and towels
  • one excursion per week including entrance fees
  • full programme of social, cultural, and sporting activities in the afternoons and evenings
  • travel and medical insurance
  • please read our Terms & Conditions


Not included in the fees:

  • airport transfers
  • personal spending money. We advise £70 per week for personal expenses and extra excursions
  • damage deposit of £30 (payable on arrival and refundable at the end of stay)
  • express courier fees £25 (if required for visa documents)
  • assisted airport check-in service on departure — a fee of £30 will be added to your invoice
  • arrangements for meeting or checking in unaccompanied minors — a fee of £70 will be charged for this service
  • occasional optional activities (disco, ice-skating, pizza-making, for example) which vary from £5 – £10
Looking after your child

Our highest priority is the welfare, safety, and happiness of our students. Parents and students can feel reassured by our large support team made up of:

  • the experienced Course Director in overall charge of every aspect of the stay
  • two Summer Deans available to care for the students 24 hours a day
  • teachers committed to providing interesting, entertaining, and valuable lessons
  • activity organisers encouraging participation in sports, social events, excursions, and visits
  • the College Nurse on site in the mornings
  • the warden in your house in the evenings

In fact, every member of the team takes their duty of care extremely seriously. Each employee has the right qualifications and experience for their roles and is thoroughly checked (by the DBS) for their suitability to work with children and young adults.

Activities and excursions

There’s an exciting programme of sports and social activities in the afternoons, evenings, and at weekends after classes.

  • full-day and half-day excursions during the week
    (Please note: one excursion per week is included in the course price)
  • sporting, cultural, and fun activities (included in course price)
  • trips to the disco, ice-rink, and punting are available (at cost price)


  • Stratford-upon-Avon — full-day excursion to the birthplace of William Shakespeare
  • London — Thames River boat cruise and shopping in the Westfield Shopping Centre
  • Bath — tour of the town and the famous Roman Baths
  • London Musical — performance of the fantastic Phantom of the Opera in London’s West End

Sample activity programme

  • 08.45: EXCURSION
  • 15.00: English tea party and croquet
  • 15.00: Tennis
  • 15.00: Swimming at an outdoor heated pool
  • 19.30: Inflatable bungee run
  • 13.30: EXCURSION
  • 14.30: Punting (£1 deposit)
  • 14.30: Tennis
  • 16.45: Football
  • 16.45: Badminton
  • 16.45: Arts and Crafts: glass painting
  • 19.30: Learn to play African drums
  • 19.30: Tag rugby
  • 16.30: Arts and Crafts: making friendship bracelets
  • 16.30: Tennis
  • 16.30: Softball
  • 16.30: International talent show rehearsals
  • 17.45: Volleyball
  • 19.30: Whole School: International talent show
  • 21.00: Wii games in the Sugar House Café
  • 16.30: Football
  • 16.30: Tennis
  • 16.30: Arts and Crafts: henna body art
  • 19.30: St Clare’s Marvellous Bingo
  • 19.30: Film night
  • 19.30: Disco @ The Bridge £3
  • 16.15: EXCURSION
  • 16.30: Punting (£1 deposit)
  • 16.30: English tea party and croquet
  • 16.30: Tennis
  • 19.30: Jenga/Twister tournament
  • 19.30: Table tennis tournament
  • 19.30: Ice-skating £7
  • 12.00: Leaving ceremony
  • 12.30: EXCURSION
  • 14.30: Oxford colleges/museums tours
  • 15.00: Punting (£1 deposit)
  • 16.30: Football
  • 16.30: Arts and Crafts: design your own tile
  • 16.45: Basketball
  • 19.30: Shakespeare film night in the Sugar House Café
  • 19.30: Arts and Crafts: making loom bands
  • 19.30: Disco @ The Bridge £3
  • 08.45: EXCURSION
  • 15.00: Visit to Christ Church Oxford
  • 19.30: Table tennis tournament
  • 19.30: Wii games in the Sugar House café
  • 19.30: Football
Frequently asked questions

These are some questions that we are often asked. If you can’t see your question here, please contact us directly.

What happens on arrival day?

Come to the Banbury Road Campus reception at 139 Banbury Road on Sunday. A member of the Ambassador Team gives you a Welcome Pack, tells you about the programme, and gives you a tour of the college. Your room is available from 14:00 and refreshments are provided in the café or dining room. Don’t forget, there is a welcome event for you in the evening so join in the activities on site!

When do I start my course?

Teaching programmes start at 09:00 on Mondays in the Hall. The Course Director welcomes you and you are divided into random groups for the placement test. You return to the Hall for a briefing about life at College and life in Oxford, and there is another group activity to help assess your English Language level before lunch. Formal classes begin on Tuesday mornings.

When does my course finish?

Classes finish on the last Friday of each course with the formal presentation of reports and certificates in the Hall.

When do I leave at the end of my course?

Departures take place on Saturdays and we ask you to vacate your room by 10:00 in the morning.

Is insurance covered in the course fees?

Yes. The course fees include travel insurance cover with an independent insurance company organised by St Clare’s brokers. For full details please download: Travel Insurance Policy. If you need to make any claims on the policy you must contact the insurance company directly. Some parents choose to buy additional insurance for personal possessions like phones, laptops, and cameras.

Are the airport transfers included in the course fees?

No. St Clare’s arranges transfers between the airport and Oxford at the request of the parent. If you would like a transfer, it must be booked at least three weeks before your course starts.

Are there any course rules?

Yes. At St Clare’s we expect every teenager to behave in a way that shows respect and consideration for their fellow students and the college community as a whole. In brief, students must be polite, observe the curfew in the evening and laws that apply to use of alcohol or drugs. Fuller details are available: ‘Expectations of teenagers on summer courses’. Please note: We reserve the right to expel any student whose behaviour we find unacceptable. In this unlikely event the student/parent will bear any additional costs.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend £70 per week for personal expenses. NB The House Warden requires a damage deposit of £30 from the student on arrival. In most cases this is refundable on departure day.

Who looks after me in my house/residence?

Each house is supervised by a residential warden. Students and parents should read and agree to the Parent Agreement.

Can I share a bedroom with my friend?

It is part of St Clare’s mission to promote international understanding through education. Every effort is made to integrate students from different nationalities. You may, therefore, request the same house as a friend, but not the same room.

What about personal laundry?

Washing machines are available for use by students although a small charge is made for soap.

Short courses available in the Summer

Study one of our short courses to develop new skills

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